Private sightseeing Budapest

You are looking at the sights but you are more interested about the stories behind them?

Private sightseeing Budapest is the most efficient way of getting acquainted with not only the local sights, but the enviroment and atmosphere as well. During this type of tour you will get definitely the most out of your stay. Private sightseeing Budapest is the most informative and the most intensive and economiest way. We provide 3 and 4 hour long city tours which are enough to get a good basic of Budapest. As you attend a private sightseeing Budapest you are the one who make the end of the story…!


Why would you go for the private sightseeing Budapest?!


  • you get your own luxurious van with your own tourguide so the attention is not devided between you and others. This is the private sightsseing Budapest…
  • we always start the tours in a classic way but as it is private mostly finishes at the points and topics that you want are interested about
  • this has all the time door to door service that saves you transfer fees already (you finish and start where you want)

Make your choice from our classic tours of Budapest or go for the special tours to enjoy even more your stay with special activities.

Our website is designed to start guiding you already on the site and helping you make the decisions. Upgrade the tours with the extras! After the Budapest Classics we provide also Special Tours to have unforgettable stay with us…

Send us a query and we personalise your stay… Don’t forget to upgrade the tours with the optional extras!


Enjoy your stay in Hungary
Gabor Tomecsko – your tour operator