Things to do in Budapest

… things you will love to do in Budapest


What are the best things to do in Budapest, and is there an easy way to find it out? We are sure, that these are among the most frequently asked questions when you visit a place!

Which are those things to do in Budapest that worth the most?!

Most of the guide books, receptions, leaflets provide plenty suggestions of things to do in Budapest!



  1. City Tour is the most common thing to do in Budapest (over 80 % of the tourist do this)
  2. Central Market Hall – The best covered market place of the world in 2013. Always good to be involved to every days. A local market is a great place for that.
  3. Parliament Visit – The most efficient visit, only 50 minutes and you get acquainted to the most impressive parliament building!
  4. Baths of Budapest – In different periods along the history of the town ( Roman, Turkish, Austro-Hungarian Monarchy ) different types of baths were built . Széchenyi, Gellért, Rudas etc.They all provide unique experience as over 70% of the theritory of Hungary has natural hot spring sources under it’s surface.
  5. Hang around the 7th district – The coolest area at night time! Several bars, restaurants, ruin pubs await for those who look for a bit of bohemian experience. Fastest growing part of the city
  6. Margaret Island – Grab a bottle of wine and make a picnic on the island no metter if it’s day or night…No engined vehicle parmission to enter so absolutely kept for the people and nature
  7. Castle Area – Crawl around the area with no itinerary, you will find some hidden but interesing buildings, exibitions, restaurants. Half a day is enough for this.
  8. Leave the capital for half a day and go to Szentendre – the village of artists – best place to get an ice cream and walk around the cobbled stone streets, left behind by the Serbians.

These activities build along a pleasant but deep acquaintance to a country’s culture

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