Wine tasting festival



In a familiar atmosphere, in beautiful environment, you can discover the values ​​of the vineyard of Budapest on this day!

You can enjoy exciting gastronomic experiences if you are visiting to Etyek. In addition to tasting wine, champagne, brandy, must, wine vinegar, chocolate, cheese specialties, ham, homemade cakes, honey tasting, and village guest table await the gourmets.

Craft workshops, watercolor painting, and making bonbons make the programme more colorful! It will be the perfect day if you are with your kids, you’ll find the best programmes for them and also for yourself!

If you chose our tour to Etyek, you can make your way in a luxury, nice car and on the way, you’ll know more and more about Hungarian wines and our wine regions along in Hungary!

Don’t miss this programme if you are in the country on the 4th of May!

But, we have some good news even if you’re not!

Our wine tours are available throughout the year! You can get any informations about it if you’re get it touch with our guide! +3630 935 1641