International Conferences

Ultimate question: to find an venue – save your time and entrust us with finding the good one!

Press / Posting / Database Management – high school trainees under our surveilance solve the problems very effectively
Communication with the clients, setting up background programms – you provide the
substantive lecture and we take care of your audience and invited guests


We take care of the costs and incomes

  • Set up and follow a pre-scheduled budget
  • Deal with the ballance of payments and make a daily records
  • Pre-financing of the costs until registration fees arrive
  • Collect registration fees, accomodation fees and costs by sponsors
  • Preparing bills towards participants
  • Final accounting

Accomodation: we provide wide range of hotels

Background activities: transfers, sightseeing tours, special programs

Informational service

We unburden you from the organisational duties  because you need
your resources to get the best out of you. You will be the host!



We have connections to different Tourism High Schools so we can „hire” and provide
trainees to carry out administrational tasks to save costs. Their job will be later included in
their compulsory internship.