Dental tourism

Duration of the treatment


It Depends on the conditions of the teeth and it is determined by the previously prepared threatment plan. According to our experience, in cases where the teeth are not removed (filling-prothesis), the duration takes betweet 7-9 days.

The medical examination takes about 1 hour. If the patient has only 1-2 cavity or there is an acut, urgent problem, there is possibility to treat them right after the medical check-up.




If you have a busy schedule, we recommend having the treatment/medical examination during a long-weekend. The planning of the treatment, if it takes long, is going to be scheduled according to your engagement after the consultation.


If you have particular problem( replacing of a missing teeth, changeing of the toothcrown, tooth whitening) and you want to start your treatment, please get in touch with us. The selected dentist can invite you a consultation via Skype/Phone, after which the duration of the treatment will be determined.