Hollókő Village and Castle, the World Heritage Tour

Make a day trip to the World Heritage Sight where the Uniqe "Palóc Community Lives", and gained award for their Village! Palóc farmhouses, Roman Catholic church with wooden shingles, village museum, postal museum, doll museum, castle!

Hollókő means Raven's Stone!

Home of only 380 people, where by the legend of their Castle bases was a misfortune as the Owner of the Castle stole a beautiful girl whose nanny was a witch! The Castlee Owner wanted to build the castle to keep the girl here! The witch made a pact with the devil who commanded it's sons in the shape of Ravens who stole one by one the stones of the Castle during the construction! So it was never finished.....

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1.jpgThe most original Hungarian village is the Palóc World Heritage Site







2.jpgOnce you have been to this region that fits into Hungarian folk tales, you will never forget. It was not by accident that the beautiful Palóc landscape and its idyllic village became a World Heritage Site in 1987. The 67 protected houses of Old village are listed by UNESCO. Not only was he listed as the first Hungarian participant, but also the first village in the world to deserve this title!





3.jpgIn addition to the folk architecture of Old village, local traditions, folk costumes and gastronomy are also part of the World Heritage. Hollókő represents the typical single-street village type, the basic structure of which is the double line of houses located on narrow strip plots perpendicular to the central road. In Palóc settlements, large families usually built on a single plot, and as the family grew, they simply raised a new one behind the street facing the street. In the center of the village, on an 'island' at the top of a hill, stands a small wooden tower with a wooden shingle, built in 1889 as a result of public contributions. The building's exceptional condition and simplicity make it a real jewel.

Located in the center of today 's less than 400 settlements, the monument includes a total of 67 sheltered buildings - mostly one - storey, gabled roofed gable houses, whose front walls are lined with wooden columnar, plank - guarded porches, carved from the street and the courtyard.