Balaton Lake differently for hikers and view lovers

Let's start to discover the geographical nature here! This tour is made for those who like to go off the track a bit and doesn't mind some hiking in return of the natural beauties! 38 floors of elevation, 3 breath taking look out points, 2 ruin churches from the 12th century! On the way we drive through a Gastro Village what had become the most exciting culinary spot! Also know as the place where everybody wants to eat! Exclusive fine dining! Let us show you this filled by exciting informations by us!

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300 EUR
Tour includes
Individual Local Tour Guide
AirCond. Luxury Van/Car
Door to Door Service
One language
Panoramic Views - Stops by Churces, Look out points
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Lunch 50 Eur / person

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Excursion in the mediterranean fairy world or the Hungarian Tuscany. An all-day trip the Balaton Uplands, in the fairytale Kali Basin with full board package.

The Kali Basin is avoided by mass tourism even in the summer high season, so it is worth visiting all year round. Each month of the year, the basin faces its visitors with different faces, but perhaps in the early summer, when lavender blooms or in the autumn harvest, it shows its most beautiful face when the region's winemakers hold their harvest events.


Dörgicse Village - Church ruins and lavender field. Dörgicse also boasts three church ruins from the Árpád era. The oldest of these is the Upper Dörgicse Church, built in the 12th century from natural stone. A century later this small temple was expanded three times. Some of the temple wall remained almost at its full height and the other part was excavated during excavations. Behind the church ruin is a well-kept, romantic-looking lavender plantation with a small gift shop. The village has a long tradition of viticulture and winemaking. Walking through the streets you can see ancient cellars and farmhouses.

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Hegyestű - Sharp Nail - Geological monuments. Semi-decomposed approx. It is worth stopping at Hegyestű with its 50 meters high wall, which is led by a winding forest road. Once upon a time, much of the cobblestone paving the streets of the capital and the countryside was mined, but we were lucky enough to be mined by basalt columns. The former mining yard exhibited the various rocks found in the area and the old mining building has a beautiful exhibit.










Szentbékkálla - Stone Sea. An interesting sight is the stone sea on the outskirts of the village, whose movable rocks and special rock formations are best known on a winding nature trail.









Köveskál - the gastro village. Located in the center of the long-standing Káli Basin, Köveskál is home to some of the best restaurants in the area, where many of the dishes are recreated using first-class local produce.  Anyone who avoids dozens of places must definitely see this charming little village.


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Salföld –  the village idyll. The ruined Pauline monastery ruined in very good condition near Salföld, in the depths of the forest.











The Tihany Peninsula - The world heritage sight! First Natural Park of Hungary! At this point you will already know the reason why this is the 2nd most frequently visited part of Hungary, just after Budapest.  We hang aournd the 1000- year-old Benedictine Abbey and enjoy the panoramic view from the promenade.