Firearm training ( IDPA sport )

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Minimum requirements for participants:

  • Age of minimum 18
  • The participants can not be under the influence of alcohol, psychotropic substances
  • Valid photographic ID card shown on the spot
  • Pre-Registering


Program details:

  • Location: Budapest, covered, heated shoooting range
  • Number of the participants: maximum 4 persons + the operating staff
  • Duration: approx. 4-5 hour + transfer time ( Start after 5 p.m. )
  • Leaders of the program: IPSC (senior) European Champion and IPSC Hungarian Champion shooter/judges (2 persons)


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The whole program:


Choose a meetingpoint somewhere in the citycentre and we pick you up there with a pianoblack oldtimer luxurius limousin from the thirties: Citroen Traction Avant. The only thing to do is to sit back and enjoy your private joyride along the streets of Budapest towards the scene of the crime. ( covered, heated shooting range ). Arriving to our destination a non-alcoholic welcome beer comes, just to catch the flow. After a short safety briefing we start the biggest fun of the week. Are you ready? 

After all, when everything is in pieces around you, calm down a bit and relax accompained by a cigar and a glass of whiskey in your hands, just like in the movies. We can discuss the results and the experiences with "the big boss".

Program includes:

  • Oldtimer transfer, door to door sevice within Budapest
  • Usage of the shooting range (with shooting leader, eye and ear protectors, )
  • Rental fee for all the used firearms (Smith & Wesson, Taurus revolvers- 0.38, 0.357 calibers, semiautomatics: Para, Heckler & Koch, as you wish)
  • Price of the bullets (100 bullets/person, a mixture of  9mm, 0.38, 0.357 calibers)
  • Usage of targets (phone books, cans, targetcards, anatomic targetcards, other equipments
  • Welcome drink
  • Snacks, drinks
  • 1 cigar / person
  • 1 glass of Whiskey
  • Photo documentation that you can take with you on CD



  • 2 persons if only one shoots: 72.000.-Ft approx. 260 EUR
  • 2 pefrsons if both shoots: 84.000.-Ft approx. 300 EUR
  • 3 persons: 96.000.-Ft approx. 350 EUR
  • 4 persons: 108.000.-Ft approx 390 EUR